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Проект ХАОС был организован Максимом Абаляевым в городе Саратове (Россия) в 1989 году. Первый альбом группы "Отчаянье" был записан в Москве (Россия) в 1992 году и отредактирован в 1994 году. Основная идея передать средством музыки настроение мечты о правильном пути и смысле жизни молодёжи. Использовать музыку как средство для создания картины или художественной композиции...

The CHAOS Project has been formed by Maxim Abalyaev in Saratov, Russia, in 1989. DESPAIR, the band's first album, was recorded in Moscow, Russia, in 1992 and re-mastered in 1994. It was inspired by the idea to convey by means of music the youth's dream about the meaning of life and the righteous path. The motto: The music must serve as a tool to create a picture or a work of art.

Chaos: Despair

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Проект / Project "Chaos"

Stirring my mind in down silence
The day break up in a dream
Red spot of exiled souls
Sunset comes in

The unreal and brilliant stars
Serve to the world of the dark
Under cover of dream
Shades disappear

A monster`s maddened face
Staring at me out of the water
Heavy sea looses it`s color
With no emotions

I shall crawl in shining flesh
Just to remain in the dark
The lonesome rambler of light
Turn out in night

I mixed my faith with lie of day
I choose the way with no end
Now I`m wishing to stay
Out of this land

Hellay, you Night
No light


Hey, I`m with you
Children of the Flowers
Hey, what can I do
With the sounds of your time

But still
Cold wind from the sea
Will never
Freeze the sky
And the dreams that gone
Will never leave
Child of Flowers
Windows are kept
But sounds
Will get me
I`ll wake up to them

Hey, I`m with you
Children of the Flowers
Hey, what can I do
With sounds of your time
But still
Feel the Warmth of Love
The days of Paradise
I smile to the Sun
With Fire
And Water in my eyes
I seem to be
The last man from
The Fall of Rock


While I`m going back
Thinking of you
Looking up in down
Loosing everything I found
I see the sun
Going down Into the dew

Good that I`m alone
On my own
But you`re with me
Can`t you see
Every storm and shock
must get away
And we shall see the bright day

I dream of you
Wishing to see
Your beautiful face
And your grace

Closer to you with every step
I`m going back

Mommy, look at me now
I just came to see your eyes
And to touch your warm hands
And make you smile Mama

You know I miss you much
My life is cold without you
I still think about you
That`s why I came Mama

Time passes slowly
Young days are over
You are the same

Everything I`ve got now
Everything but your hands and eyes
And smile

I am so taken
with reading your eyes
They hold so many stories
About fairy and distant suns
And rainbows turned to colors

I am so taken
with sipping your soul
It helps me mother`s milk to recall
Your soul is full
I drink to the dregs
But I am afraid of your flesh

My thoughts contain the
image of death
Maybe it is strange
I don`t know

And I`ll wait for you
even if it`s painful
Until waiting changes
the world and its laws
Until the needles stick in my heart
How long it'll take
I don`t know

I`ll wake up tomorrow
Just to see the world
Full of sorrow
I am sleeping in sounds of bliss
All this black and white world
Covers my dreams

Rambling all my life I am
Really tired of changing
That`s what I found
Gambling all the time and
It is now turning me off
Turning me `round

When I see the White Road
Under grey skies
I hear the music
Heard many times
I open my eyes
Frightend by the light
Clouds all around me
Rain and night

There`s nothing around us
And who can find us?
We`ve gotta go
The Road saves us from dying
There`s no one who knows
Just where we go

Following the sunset
Staring at moon
Crossing the water
Walking through flood
We are free in night-time
Out of sight
Morning has broken
The Road`s still white


Музыка и текст Maxim Abalyaev / Максим Абаляев © ® 1992-1994


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